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Food Valley in the Netherlands is home to multinational food companies, research facilities and universities. This is also where the Jan Zandbergen foodstuff company is based. In 2015, the company assigned Westfalia with building a fully automatic, deep-freeze finished products warehouse for storing high-quality meat products.

Lower energy consumption

Energy costs are a major criterion in the selection of a suitable warehouse type. For this reason, the warehouse project was implemented as an inhouse warehouse. It stands out for its very high storage density, making maximum use of the space available. This efficient space utilisation was achieved entirely thanks to the flexibility of the Satellite® technology.

The Satellite® warehouse is 15 metres high, 59 metres wide and 98 metres long and has 4 aisles, providing storage for a total of 14,215 wooden and plastic pallets of various types: Euro pallets, window and single-use pallets, and Craemer H1 and H3 pallets. To allow for the often very high weight of the goods, storage here is implemented by making use of triple support to prevent the pallets from sagging. The triple support is realized by means of a divided elevator Satellite®

Within the warehouse, the Savanna.NET® warehouse management software ensures the logical distribution of the unit loads according to preprogrammed algorithms.

For food hygiene reasons, and for efficient cleaning, the conveyor equipment outside the deep-freeze warehouse is also made of stainless steel

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