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Situated right on the railway line between the towns of Bielefeld and Herford, the imposing Wellteam high-bay warehouse of Wellformat GmbH & Co. KG is visible from afar. This family-owned business specialises in packaging and corrugated cardboard. In 2015 it decided to build a new, fully automated  high-bay warehouse in silo design with a height of around 37 meters. Inside the Satellite® storage system three storage and retrieval machines move around 18,700 pallets on 17 levels.

A specially designed shuttle service feeds goods from the nearby production location to the high-bay warehouse. This means that customers’ requirements can be met quickly and flexibly since linking the production and storage of order-related goods saves time and costly transportation.

Wide range of possibilities

In addition, the pallet rack positions are designed to accommodate pallets from all the production machines, providing enormous flexibility. Thus, the warehouse is suited for different pallet types and unit load dimensions. What makes this concept so special: The storage and retrieval machines store the unit loads both individually and in any desired combination – in pairs one behind the other, or side by side, or in fours. Two long Satellites serve as load handling devices for a maximum of four unit loads per device. The Savanna.NET® warehouse management software ensures optimal material flow of the corrugated cardboard products.

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