Many companies have evolved to provide a wide assortment of products. The great variety of brands and assortments means that goods flows have to be all the more reliable. Purchase, manufacture, storage and conveyance all require streamlined organization structures and standardised processes.

Automation solutions that enhance the efficiency with which you provide your services and that are capable of working to full capacity, can be designed as high-bay warehousing with a warehouse management system for your bottled goods. A channel storage system – with storage and retrieval machines and long channel vehicles for load handling – is ideal for multiple conveyance

Our Satellite® storage system warehouses have revolutionised warehouse logistics and have been one of the leading technologies for high-density warehouses for decades. We offer you this high quality of manufacturing, along with our experience gathered from numerous successful projects. We have described some of these for you below.


Moselland eG Winzer-

A fully automated warehouse system is constructed in the wine cellar to provide the warehouse logistics necessitated by the growth of this winegrowers’ cooperative.

Heinrich Reissdorf GmbH & Co. KG

Construction of a new automatic high-bay warehouse in silo design on the existing company site, with room for expansion.

The Glenmore Distillery

Implementation of a high-bay warehouse with a fully automated picking system that builds picking pallets via layers.

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