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Mobility today requires sustainable solutions. We have adapted our proven logistics technologies to handle larger load carriers. Working in a global team with our US sister company, Westfalia Technologies, Inc., we offer automated parking solutions for a wide range of user profiles including residential properties, commercial and industrial buildings, and public parking. Since these systems do not require ramps or lanes, they are the perfect choice in urban centers and areas where space is at a premium.

Risk-free, guaranteed parking

Users can leave their vehicles in a convenient transfer area. Each vehicle is parked and returned by the system in a safe and accident-free manner. Drivers no longer have to spend time looking for and then getting in and out of a parking space. They can rest assured that a parking space is available for them and feel confident that their vehicle is protected in the multi-storey car park. Instead of having to walk through dark, isolated areas of the building to reach their vehicle, their car is brought to them.

Automated parking systems also deliver on sustainability: since no maneuvering, ventilation or lighting are needed, both energy consumption and emissions are considerably reduced – by up to 30% compared to conventional multi-storey car parks. The discreet design of automated parking systems blends into the overall architectural aesthetics, enhancing residential quality and increasing the space available.

Quality made in Germany pays its way: the City of Copenhagen in Denmark has been using our systems in 24/7 operation for more than ten years, and with great success. Which means our parking garages are among the most reliable on the market.

Automated parking: a user-friendly and safe solution

With an automated parking system and advanced Satellite® technology from Westfalia, parking is as easy as driving into a car wash. Park your vehicle and collect it again in four simple steps.
More information on car park automation.

Contact Westfalia to configure the right parking solution for your project. We will be pleased to advise you at any time, free of charge and without obligation.