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We are looking for suppliers for:

  • Drawing parts
    Turned, milled, and sheet metal bending parts, welded assemblies
  • Drive technology
    Gears, chain and gear wheels, turntables, support rollers, roller chains, ropes, rollers and wheels
  • DIN and standard parts
    Connecting elements, fixing devices, seals, rolling bearings, linear guide
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
    Units, pumps, filters, hoses, screw connections, cylinders, valves, accumulators
  • Semi-finished metal products
    Tubes, sheet metals, sections, crane rails, roll-formed and extruded profiles
  • Semi-finished plastic product
    Chain strips, cable drums
  • Assemblies
    Cabs, maintenance lifts, shock absorbers, safety and guidance systems

Would you like to apply as a supplier?

If so, please send the completed form by email to our purchase department at ek(at)