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When looking to sustainably automate your intralogistics you face substantial and crucial investments that should ideally be spreadable over time. In addition, existing virtual environments such as ERP and PLC systems should still be used in order to minimize costs, keep conversion and training requirements low and ensure employee acceptance. So where to start? Our answer is: with warehouse management and material flow software.

Savanna.NET® is our modular logistics software that controls and analyzes automated processes along the supply chain. This Warehouse Execution System (WES) has been successfully on the market since 2005. It combines the functions of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) with a material flow or Warehouse Control System (WCS). And it gets to work when you want it, with precisely the functions that you need, when making your first step towards automation and the following steps.

There is a simple design philosophy behind our system: Additional modules can be added to the base module depending on your needs and on the scope of the required warehouse management and material flow control functionalities to integrate your entire intralogistics in one software on a single system interface – regardless how complex your material flows may become.

Flexible and Scalable


  • integrates into all common virtual environments and ERP and PLC systems and connects to web-based services thanks to its open Microsoft C#.NET architecture;
  • integrates easily into your existing infrastructure: the technology/hardware and hardware/software interfaces allow for greatest flexibility;
  • has standard functionalities that can be adjusted seamlessly to your operational processes;
  • can be used equally well in a manual block warehouse, a semi-automated warehouse, and a fully automated logistics system and can be connected to existing warehouse management software;
  • bundles existing individual solutions into one software;
  • manages the entire warehouse process or individual aspects thereof for which differentiated, precise measurement and management are required by providing some or all material flow and warehouse management functionalities;
  • can also be tailored to your warehouse logistics by means of client-driven customizations, e.g. using the CrossClient application for decentralized control via modern handheld devices;
  • can accommodate any rack system, material handling equipment, aisle layout, conveyor loop and compartment height;
  • allows modular scalability of functionality based on the WES base unit in keeping with your business, its requirements in respect of warehouse processes, its turnover and market segments, process complexity and geographic coverage;
  • is a sustainable and reliable all-in-one solution: we guarantee the high level of functionality, stability, flexibility and long-term viability of the system through certifications, close software partners, and personal 24/7 support.

Perhaps you have not yet introduced any automation?

Then we will implement Savanna.NET® for you as a warehouse management system with related functions. Once you decide to take the first step towards automation we can add the material flow control function to this future-oriented system as needed. Your benefits:

  • The software of your manual warehouse is prepared for automation.
  • Even at a low level of complexity, operators are familiar with an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface (UI).
  • Reduction of the time required for training and system start-up
  • Precise warehouse management for maximum transparency of your inventory

You are already using warehouse management software?

Savanna.NET® is a flexible Warehouse Execution System offering three options. You are already using third-party warehouse management software? Savanna.NET® can be connected to that software and expand the system with its powerful material flow control functionalities. You can replace your legacy warehouse management system with Savanna.NET® and add the material flow control when needed. Alternatively, you can introduce our Warehouse Execution System with all warehouse management and material flow control functions right from the start to make full use of the automation potential. Your benefits:

  • Material flow control and data analysis on a familiar and intuitive user interface
  • Controlling partial or full automation; optimizing processes
  • Ensuring maximum precision in warehouse inventory management through comprehensive monitoring: all positions are recorded, inventory turns are correctly calculated, properly picked and shipped.
  • Line-efficient storage, smart use of storage capacity, flexible storage strategies
  • Client-side adaptation is possible, e.g. decentralized control of a storage system by modern handhelds with the Savanna.NET® CrossClient application.
  • Seamless connection of virtual environments and peripheral devices

By the way, we can also flexibly adapt and scale your infrastructure according to your intralogistics needs. Using TERRA by WORTMANN AG products and services, we create the necessary IT infrastructure with backup and cloud solutions and high-availability servers.

Software modules

The flexible and modular features of Savanna.NET® can be adapted to suit your individual business requirements. Read on here to find out which modules are available to you.

base module

.base is the basic Savanna module. It contains all basic services for database access, process communication and logging. 

alarm service

.alarm fulfils important system information tasks and handles alert forwarding as part of a company's logistics software.


As stocktaking software, .check supports the most common processes, such as sample stocktaking and continuous stocktaking.


.config offers effective configuration tools, such as defining new storage zones in a block warehouse. 


.connect ensures the integration of Savanna.NET® into your existing IT infrastructure.


The .custom module is the development area for exclusive customised expansions. 

Master data

The .data module is used for master data management, such as item, pallet and customer master data.


.flow manages the various conveyor elements with its individual versions. 


.maint warns of necessary inspections in good time so that these can be scheduled without operational interruptions.


.move controls goods transport through fork lifts and other handling systems. Staff are guided through vehicle terminals. 

Order lists

Order lists containing the relevant item needs can be created or determined by the host for storage and retrieval of goods.

Order picking

The Savanna.NET® supply chain software uses the .pick module to control all of the order picking for a logistics system.


Savanna.NET® offers automated administration for unit loads with lock status. A unit load can be specifically removed from storage for checks.


The .report module offers options for fast and simple report generation, with stock levels, master data, transport orders, data communication with ERP and/or PLC, etc.

Remote Access

The .service module facilitates remote diagnosis/inspection of the system for service purposes both during commissioning and in ongoing operations.


.show allows the visual tracking of individual unit loads from the sources to the destinations and shows the filling status of the conveyor lines. 


The module provides various unit load, incoming goods handling and storage space management versions in different warehouse types. 


With features such as warehouse utilisation evaluation, throughput statistics, vehicle movements, etc. the .stat module includes the typical KPIs for plant assessment.


Savanna.NET® controls the pallet staging and loading in the shipping area. The loading staff receives the necessary loading information via retrieval indicators.

Load control

.yard controls the registration of the lorry in the loading area, retrieval (for example via SMS) and allocation of the loading zone. As a result, loading times can be optimised.

Ask our sales team

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