The Satellite® storage system is a key technology for multi-deep storage of goods of any kind. Storage and retrieval are fully automated, with and without load make-up accessories, involving the use of a shuttle trolley – a Satellite®. Within high-bay warehouses, our Satellites® move within special satellite rails onto which the unit loads are placed.

This type of system is also referred to as high-density storage. It offers maximum storage density and thus space utilisation. This is perfectly reflected in the storage capacity of the storage system.

Let us know what you need in terms of warehouse logistics and we will provide you with a Satellite® storage system with the right types of satellites. We need to know the sorts of load make-up accessories and pallets you are using and the weight of your unit loads. Opt for triple support if combining low-quality pallets with high payloads.  

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The benefits for you:

  • Maximised storage capacity thanks to multi-deep storage
  • Optimised storage through triple and quadruple support
  • Minimum number of storage and retrieval machines (SRM)
  • Can be used with various pallet types and qualities

Push-under principle: The SRM is positioned in front of the satellite rails of the relevant compartment; the Satellite® drives into the storage and retrieval channel. The Satellite® pushes under the pallet while the chain moves in the opposite direction at the same time, thereby lifting the pallet safely for the rest of the retrieval process.


The right Satellite® for every situation. Our know-how is based on decades of experience with our customers in all kinds of industries.  

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