Automating your warehouse logistics may greatly expand your options for sourcing, production, and distribution. This is a real investment into the future and sustainable Industry 4.0. For your warehouse system to support your corporate goals effectively, it needs to remain reliable and high-performing. We can ensure that it does, with the appropriate service package and continuous support of your system. 

Get Your Own Service Package

We offer comprehensive solutions for the maintenance of mechanics, electrical systems, controls, and IT infrastructure, and also for software updates. We take a thorough, expert look at your system to give you a service that can ensure a long life of your automated warehouse system and maximum availability.

Our safety trainings cover theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with Section 4 of the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) Regulation 1 on potential hazards in your systems and on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from a height to ensure safety at work in the warehouse system. We also carry out mandatory rack inspections and safety tests on storage and retrieval machines, vertical conveyors and transverse transport vehicles. That way, we can help you fulfil your safety-at-work obligations as a system operator.


24/7 Hotline

Our hotline gives you personal, 24-hour access to our experts who will support you in all issues regarding IT, electromechanics, and PLCs.


The mandatory electromechanical inspections and rack inspections allow you to always know the state of your system and to ensure safety.

IT inspections

Our IT specialists help ensure the functionality of your software, IT infrastructure, sensors and peripherals through remote and on-site preventive measures.

Testing and revision

We test personal protective equipment under DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Regulations 112–198, storage and retrieval machines (EN 528), conveyor technology, and ladders (Rule 208032 and EN ISO 14122-4).


We provide theoretical and practical training in accordance with Section 4 of DGUV Regulation 1 on the potential hazards of systems and on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from a height.

Spare parts service

We reliably source components and assemblies and give advice on the precise number and types of spare parts that need to be held in store. We manufacture parts for our own systems ourselves.

Why a Westfalia Service Solution is an Ideal Solution

You can dramatically reduce the risk of plant downtime by making use of expert, preventative maintenance for your warehouse system. We keep you informed about the current status of your system so you will know what to do in case you need to recover full functionality.

We offer comprehensive maintenance packages:

  • Rack inspections in manual warehousing
  • Partially automated warehouse systems
  • Fully automated warehouse systems
  • Proprietary and third-party systems


Forward-Looking Inspections

Our experts will give you early warning of any critical components, wear and tear, and repair requirements in your system. They will carry out inspections based on check lists, produce the resulting test reports, and give you a proposal for the actions we recommend. If you place an order for such actions, we will agree with you on the date and time schedules for our service activities. The schedules will always be in tune with your operations to avoid or minimize disruption.

If, despite all the preventative measures, a failure or down-time occurs, we will provide prompt assistance via our 24-hour hotline. Our experts are often able to analyze and remedy a problem by remote access. We will also send a qualified service technician to you if necessary to solve the problem faster. This helps protect your investments and your production process. More than 500 customers rely on us for this service, some have been doing so for decades.

Strong Service Team & Top Spare Parts Service

If a service technician is needed to work on your system locally, you can rely on our strong support and service team of over 30 field technicians and an equally expert in-house service. Our hotline team, field service planning, and customer support staff will answer all your questions as quickly as possible. This may considerably minimize or even completely avoid your downtimes.

Our experienced spare parts service will ensure that the spare parts needed for all repairs and services cases are on hand. They will take care of storing, exchanging, and installing components. They will recommend spare parts lists that give you the highest possible system availability, and you may also benefit from the strong supplier network we have built up over the years.

And because we at Westfalia manufacture our own storage and retrieval devices and conveyor assemblies, including PLCs, you will also have the advantage that components for our own systems can be produced and delivered within hours as and when required. Having our own Warehouse Execution System and being part of the WORTMANN Group we can also ensure, at your request, that your software is always up-to-date and that you have sufficient IT infrastructure.

Modernizing Your Existing Systems

Looked at from a business point of view, it sometimes makes sense to think beyond the maintenance of an existing warehouse system. So you may want to improve the cost-efficiency and performance or extend the capacity of your system, or in the case of a legacy system, you may want to ensure it still meets safety regulations. We can also give you comprehensive advice on modernizing, adapting and extending systems as part of our system support.

Your Satisfaction is Our Mission

Before we hear about your goals, let us just tell you ours: We aim to reliably extend the life of your automated warehouse and logistics systems, and therefore of our relationship with you as our customer, for the coming decades. Our customer support is based on trust, transparency, diligence, qualified “problem solvers” both on the phone and on site, and fast response times. And all of the above provided at a good price/performance ratio – we leave aggressive pricing to others.

Are you interested in our services and service packages? Would you like our advice on all issues concerning modernization and system support? Contact us! We look forward to your questions!