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Tie up your service package

Automating your warehouse logistics increases your options for procurement, production, and distribution. It is a true investment in the future for a sustainable Industry 4.0. For your warehouse system to effectively support your business objectives, it must remain reliable and efficient. We ensure this with the right service package and ongoing support for your system. 

Our services help you keep track of things

We offer complete packages for mechanical, electrical, control and IT infrastructure maintenance, as well as software updates. We take a close and comprehensive look at your automated storage system and provide the service to ensure its long life and maximum availability.

With our safety training courses in theory and practice in accordance with DGUV Regulation 1, § 4 on the hazard potential of systems and the use of personal protective equipment (PPEgA), we train you to work safely in the storage system. We also offer the mandatory rack inspections and safety inspections of storage and retrieval machines, vertical conveyors, and transfer cars. This is how we help you, as a facility operator, to meet your legal health and safety obligations.

Top advantages of the Westfalia service packages

Predictable system availability: Our expert and preventative maintenance of your storage system reduces the risk of system downtime.

Screened storage system: You know the actual condition of your system and what needs to be done to restore the target condition.

Maintenance for all: We offer rack inspections and packages for manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouses, for both our own and third-party systems.

Components on demand: As a manufacturer of SRMs and conveyors, including controls, we manufacture and supply components for our own systems at short notice.

Up-to-date software and IT: As a software supplier and part of the WORTMANN Group, we keep your software and IT infrastructure up to date.

Further advantages for your warehouse operation

Our experts identify critical components, signs of wear and repair requirements in your system at an early stage. They carry out inspections using checklists and produce an inspection report and quotation, which we use to recommend action.

When you commission our recommended package, we will work with you to agree service call dates and times. These will always be tailored to your operation to avoid or minimize disruption.

In the unlikely event of a malfunction or breakdown, our 24-hour hotline is there to help. The hotline team, Operations Planning and Customer Relations Team will respond to your enquiries as quickly as possible. In this way, we minimize or eliminate downtime.

Our experts can often analyze and rectify the fault remotely. If necessary, we will send a qualified service technician to your site to resolve the problem quickly.

If a service technician is required on site, you can rely on a strong support and service team of over 30 service technicians and an in-house service department.

Our experienced spare parts service ensures that the necessary parts are available for all repairs and servicing. It takes care of the storage, exchange, and installation of components. It provides recommendations on spare parts lists for maximum system availability and gives you the benefits of our strong supplier network.

Sometimes it makes business sense to think beyond the maintenance of a storage system. As part of our plant support services, we also offer comprehensive advice on modernizations, conversions, and expansions.

Anti-Aging through storage modernization

Our services help you keep track of things

Training for warehouse safety and warehouse software

We train according to DGUV regulation 1, § 4 in theory and practice on plant hazards, personal protective equipment (PPE) and the use of our warehouse software.


Our concern is your satisfaction

Before we get to your concerns, here's ours: We are committed to extending the life of your automated warehouse and logistics system, and thus our customer relationships, for decades to come.

Our customer support is based on trust, transparency, diligence, qualified "problem solvers" on the phone and on site, and fast response times. All this at a good price-performance ratio - we leave fighting prices to others. Are you interested in our services and service packages, or would you like advice on modernization and plant support? Contact us, we look forward to your questions!