There is only so much industrial space. As companies grow, their intralogistics requirements, too, increase in size and complexity. Semi-automated and fully automated high-bay warehouses allow vertical instead of horizontal growth – even far beyond the storage heights that can be reached by manual forklifts and automated industrial trucks.

Our proprietary SRMs enable you to implement high-bay warehouses of 40 meters or more in height. Our patented Satellite® load handling device maximizes storage density in extremely deep storage channels; thanks to special storage profiles for multi-deep storage this process is highly pallet-compatible and material-friendly. We specialize in single-deep, double-deep, space and volume saving high-density storage in silo design or in new or existing self-supporting buildings.


Technology you can Rely on

Our SRMs are reliable – thanks to our decade long system support. Even at great heights, they impress with their fast travel speeds and maximum precision. Directed by a high-performance Warehouse Execution System (WES), our SRMs find their precise target position using laser distance measurement and camera-based accurate location positioning. Moved by high-quality drives and guided by smart control solutions, they are particularly energy-efficient thanks to advanced traction converters. These may optionally feature interim circuit coupling, energy recovery or energy storage equipment. Together with our load handling devices they are made for high loads and a large variety of shapes and sizes. Also, they are well equipped for normal temperature, chilled, and deep-freeze storage.

Without requiring extra staff, they can do “night shifts” to automatically prepare trucks for the next day. They ceaselessly and intelligently load your high-bay warehouse and ensure the necessary replenishments along the production line. All of this without human processing errors and unnecessary trips and with a much lower risk of accidents. We permanently continue to enhance the high standards that we place on our technologies.

Complexity Tailored to Existing Properties

Our outstanding conveyor technology consolidates even the most complex material flows to precisely fit the space available to your business. Our engineers customize your warehouse so it matches your current property.

With more than 50 years of experience in many industries, good market integration and short supply chains, we continue to be a good choice system supplier at times of global bottlenecks and under difficult conditions. That is because we manufacture, develop and program the SRMs with Satellite® or telescopic forks, the conveyor technology including PLC systems, and the outstanding Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) at our headquarters.

Running a test center for key units at the same location, we can quickly implement concepts for our customers. You receive all the know-how from planning and commissioning to a comprehensive service offering from a single source – like your SRMs.

Floor-bound SRMs

The required payloads, throughput values, height classes and handling determine the design of our single and twin mast machines that run on rails.

Off-floor SRMs

Our off-floor, suspended SRMs allow both industrial trucks and SRMs to be used simultaneously for aisle storage and retrieval.

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