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Our qualified service technicians inspect the condition of your automated storage system regularly and comprehensively. They identify possible vulnerabilities and make recommendations to ensure the availability of your plant. At the end of the inspection, you will receive a report which also give you an expert overview of the current status.

Shelf inspection

Inspections of the warehouse facilities for their neatness and condition as well as visual inspections are mandatory once a year. In each case, 20 percent of all rack components are subject to inspection, so the entire rack system is inspected in a 5-year cycle. Certified under standard DIN EN 15635, our rack inspectors carry out these inspections in accordance with DIN EN 15635/DGUV 108-007 at the prescribed intervals. They evaluate and classify potential damage and defects and assign hazard levels. We document the results in a detailed inspection report and advise you on any repairs that may be required. We help you comply with your legal obligations regarding work equipment safety and occupational health and safety.

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Electromechanical inspection 

We will arrange fixed intervals for the electromechanical inspection of your plant with you annually in advance, depending on usage. Our service technicians focus on the electromechanics and perform a target/actual comparison using our product-specific check lists.