Savanna.NET® is the power behind Westfalia’s automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) and other material handling equipment. As manufacturers and distributors turn to automation, increased importance is especially being placed on the software applications needed to run operations more efficiently. Such operations typically use both warehouse management and material flow systems to help move and store products more quickly and efficiently and to maximise order fulfilment accuracy. Our logistics experts work out the fitting logistics solution with you.

Savanna.NET® is a unique Warehouse Execution System that combines warehouse management and material flow control in one software, and its function can be flexibly and modularly adapted to your individual business requirements. Furthermore, we define with you the general framework for the IT peripherals. The result: a complete system that suits your needs.

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In partnership with Wortmann AG, we offer you complete solutions that take into account every aspect required of a modern logistics system, whether that be backup solutions, integration of the Wortmann cloud, high-availability servers at your premises or the integration of Savanna.NET® into your existing virtual environment. A Westfalia solution not only protects your investment but also gives you great flexibility. And you need just one point of contact for everything. We ensure right from the start that you get a functioning complete system.



Our Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System combines a warehouse management system and a warehouse control system in a single application.


Our systems are equipped with tried-and-tested IT hardware from well-known suppliers. Operational reliability is key. Our experts decide on every device, whether barcode scanners or workstations, for thespecified application. 

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