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The beverage marketplace is constantly changing. Just like you as a beverage producer. Because the range is growing. New packaging and bottle designs are driving sales alongside classic bottle shapes. Complex warehouse logistics are required to pick your products individually. We take care of this for you, as well as the transportation of unusual formats, heavy loads, and towers of cans. All with perfect and gentle handling of pallets and empties.

In close cooperation with our customers in the beverage industry, we have been developing, building, maintaining, and modernizing outstanding automated high-bay warehouses and conveyor technology for more than half a century. Mixing your own and third-party products, picking them accurately, and preparing them for on-time delivery is a breeze with our automated warehouse systems.

Top advantages of automated storage systems

Consistently high performance for maximum warehouse throughput

Tailored supply of empties to multiple bottling lines

Reduced filling cycle time

Maximum storage capacity on minimum floor space

Gradual and economical partial or full automation

Warehouse logistics for beverages

As a general contractor, we advise, plan and build turnkey storage and logistics systems as stand-alone logistics systems or integrated into existing facilities. We modernize and maintain existing Westfalia and third-party systems. At our headquarters in Borgholzhausen, Germany, we design and manufacture key components of our storage and materials handling technology, including the control system, and, if required, implement them with our own software and the necessary IT infrastructure.

This is how we fulfill beverage logistics

Your challenge: To quickly supply new bottling lines with empties and store bottled beverages for rapid distribution, manual warehouses require many forklifts and industrial trucks. Space requirements for travel routes are high, and material routes are long. Risk of errors, delays, and incidents increases.

Our solution: Automating complex intralogistics speeds up the process, concentrates it in a small area, and reduces the risk of errors and forklift traffic. Free spaces are used as buffers to quickly supply bottling lines with empty bottles. Filling lead times and filling capacity can be increased without additional personnel.

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Your challenge: The receiving area is a key hub and error-prone bottleneck for empties, trade goods, full bottles for picking, or goods that have been complained about. Cans, disposable and reusable bottles, kegs, packaging materials, merchandise and brewery promotional items of any batch size must be received and properly logged.

Our solution: Is a multi-lane feeding "highway". A wide variety of load units can be transferred, logged, and inspected across multiple inbound lanes. A conveyor loop directs them to the right destinations, such as bottling lines, picking, or shipping. We can divide and dedicate individual lanes according to the needs of the business. Defective load units are ejected immediately.

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Your challenge: You need direct access to empties, full containers, full pallets, pick pallets, kegs, bottles, cans, and third-party goods for bottling lines and truckload shipments. Fast, trouble-free shipping of your growing assortment is becoming more complex. And your warehouses are taking up more space.

Our solution: High storage density and capacity for large beverage batches and intelligent warehouse management and control for predictive allocation of mixed storage channels. Warehouses over 40 meters high on a minimal footprint combine automated storage, intermediate storage, and retrieval. Conveyor systems serve production, order picking, and shipping of both in-house and third-party products. Systems can handle multiple load units, even without pallets.

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Your challenge: In addition to full pallets, stocking a wide variety of your own and third-party products on mixed pallets makes smooth order picking the focus of warehouse logistics. Manual picking requires more time, space, personnel, and material handling equipment.

Our solution: Our logistics systems automatically segregate bestsellers and frequently ordered full product pallets for the shipping zone. Available full product pallets are automatically transferred to the picking zone. All picking lanes are permanently supplied for person-to-goods picking. This frees up workers, speeds up picking, reduces errors, and reduces transportation distances.

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Modern beverage warehouses convince all along the line

Automated warehouse and logistics systems are a game changer. They help manage the internal logistics of growing product ranges, handling empty totes, barrels, and pallets, own and third-party products, full and mixed pallets. They easily transport and store high loads and various loading aids. There are no bottlenecks, even in high-capacity bottling lines: production and shipping zones are served precisely. More energy-efficient, more efficient and with fewer vehicles than manual warehouses. The storage capacity for goods and intermediate storage is multiplied on the same floor space.

Your company can meet demand for classic beverages and an ever-changing range of products. Everything flows - even in the most complex logistics processes. Raw material procurement, beverage production and shipping become much more flexible and straightforward. Bundled beverage logistics allow you to respond quickly to market demands. Flawless processes reduce your costs. And you get even more satisfied customers with the highest product and delivery quality.

Our beverage storage systems integrate seamlessly with existing systems. They run long and reliably for sustainable economic growth, such as at our customer Brauerei Locher AG (LINK). We look forward to your questions and are happy to advise you.

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