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In 1932, farmer Bertha Becker experimented with turning her surplus apples into freshly pressed apple juice. Thus began the story of the Beckers Bester company. Today, the product range includes over 300 articles. The fourth generation of beckers bester GmbH, located in Lütgenrode in Lower Saxony, now produces natural fruit juices, nectars, and fruit juice drinks.

Fully automatic storage

Over the years, the company grew, so in 1993 a new warehouse was built at the site in Nörten-Hardenberg. The company invested in further storage capacity for raw produce, juice, and bottles, as well as in machines for extracting, processing, and bottling juices. A high-density warehouse in silo design has replaced the existing block warehouse. Despite height restrictions imposed by the authorities on the newly built warehouse, the required number of storage spaces could be provided thanks to satellite technology.

The 2-aisle Satellite® storage system has 11,601 pallet rack positions for Euro pallets. Storage and retrieval operations are performed by four storage and retrieval machines equipped with Satellite® – two in each layer aisle.

Intelligent material flow

In addition, long buffering lines have been implemented both within the storage system and in the readying zone. A bypass function allows pallets to be taken straight to the shipment zone. At that stage, they are separated for customer-specific routing. The unit loads are then loaded onto trucks by means of triple forklifts.   

Our software strategies run in the background to handle seasonal variations in raw produce trade. The controlled material and data flow means that staff can constantly track the storage and retrieval processes and the warehouse inventory. The underlying first-in first out principle ensures highest product quality.

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