The Aviator® is an off-floor SRM used for all kinds of applications within intralogistics. Storage systems can be placed practically everywhere within the company thanks to the Aviator® technology. Hall floor space can still be navigated by people and vehicles, as no travel rails are required on the floor for the Aviator®.

Unlike floor-bound SRMs, the Aviator® operates with its travel carriage and hoist unit at the topmost level of the high-bay warehouse, without impinging on the storage space at that level. Ropes lift and lower the load handling device within the aisle. Smart automation technology directs the load handling device to the precise compartment.

Off-floor storage for greater planning flexibility

While storage systems provide the necessary space they also obstruct the traffic of people and forklifts. Enterprises are often faced with the challenge of finding a suitable location for a fully-automated warehouse that does not interfere with the existing infrastructure and material flows. The answer to this challenge is Aviator® – a technology that knows no structural boundaries or limitations.

Storage systems where forklifts can drive through

Aviator® allows you to customize your storage system. One example is the fully automated inhouse storage system implemented for a client in Switzerland. It has been designed and built as a Satellite® storage system which allows the passage of man-operated forklifts, with two off-floor storage and retrieval machines on top of one another in one aisle.

Narrow-aisle trucks support the storage system

These aspects have been considered when replacing some areas of a high-bay warehouse with narrow-aisle trucks with Aviator® for a client in South Germany. The single-bay warehouse is provided with a large number of aisles and high-performance technology with two Aviators® and a transfer device. The existing floor slab has been retained. The remaining narrow-aisle trucks are used as backup during peaks or whenever additional availability is needed.

Order pickers cross the warehouse aisles

Order picking zones can also be integrated into Satellite® storage systems and combined with Aviator®. The off-floor storage and retrieval machine allow storage, distribution, and provisioning of palleted goods. Safe passages located at freely definable points allow order pickers to cross aisles. Aviator® is the solution of choice when looking to shorten order picking distances and save time.

Further applications

  • Accessible storage system help avoid planning restrictions resulting from escape route requirements
  • The technology of the Aviator® off-floor storage / retrieval machine forms the conceptual basis for the hybrid storage system
  • With the storage system arranged above the production zones, goods can be moved directly into and out of production lines
  • Utilization of space above supply and dispatch zones creates additional storage capacity
  • Building floors or hall levels are directly connected via the vertical movement of the Aviator®
  • Aging zones geographically arranged one after the other are accessed from above without change of temperature
  • Aviator® cuts across fire protection or explosion protection requirements and many other challenges

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