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High efficiency in retrieving goods, accelerated picking, fewer packaging and shipping errors, less back orders and returns, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty: warehouse automation has many benefits.

The more complex and comprehensive the intralogistics automation, the higher the demands on a Warehouse Control System (WCS). Layout, software, and electromechanics of a warehouse must be finely tuned to each other and to the business requirements to consistently make full use of the strengths of the system.

With its extensive material flow control functions, Savanna.NET® controls all activities of automated logistics systems in real time. It optimizes your material handling, smartly adjusting it to new requirements at an early stage and thus maximizing efficiency and process reliability in operation – in any market situation, with any throughput or order volume.

Functions can easily be deactivated for manual or semi-automated warehouses. Savanna.NET® is flexible, customized, and scalable for any requirements and degrees of automation.

Utilizing data, managing automation

When merged and interpreted correctly and converted into logical operations in the shortest possible way, data can optimize processes. Savanna.NET® with its integrated system eliminates the need for a WMS-WCS interface, resulting in simplified and error-free data communication. Duplicate data or checks are no longer necessary.


  • connects to host-based systems and warehouse management systems;
  • exchanges information with host systems and dynamically assigns order information to storage and retrieval machines and conveyor technology;
  • communicates precise instructions to operators and the programmable logic controller of conveyors and other automated equipment, such as robots;
  • provides real-time reports to operators and machines;
  • transmits information for printing barcode and shipping labels;
  • communicates with barcode readers and scanners to enter data into the system or track products;
  • determines transport requirements for pallets and unit loads and executes those with pinpoint accuracy;
  • takes account of the shortest transport routes, thus reducing wear;
  • selects unit loads based on demand;
  • stocks the warehouse in a space-saving and convenient way;
  • provides goods in a highly efficient manner.

Modular expansion & material flow fine tuning

Functions can be activated or deactivated with modules as required. This allows your company to either link Savanna® to an existing warehouse management software or control the warehouse management via Savanna.NET®. And you can add the material flow control functions in both cases. Your storage system can easily be expanded with automated elements even at a later date. Modules supplement and fine-tune your material flow control.

  • Managing storage spaces
  • Strategies for smooth unit load transport
  • Avoidance and emergency strategies for maintenance or warehouse conversions
  • Managing multiple conveyance and transport sequences
  • Using machine data to diagnose plant and equipment conditions
  • Graphical representation of plant conditions and transport routes
  • Taking action within the material flow at any time through visualization
  • Automated planning of efficiency-relevant routines such as stock transfers, regular inspections or replacement of wearing parts

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Christian Goltermann

Sales Director Software & IT