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System availability can be planned

Automated compact storage systems are highly complex systems - and only as good as the quality of their individual components. For example, about ten percent of the electrical and mechanical components in an automated storage and retrieval system should be inspected and replaced after a certain number of cycles to ensure the overall system runs reliably and efficiently. This includes highly stressed components such as chains or rollers.

A reliable system also increases the motivation, satisfaction and efficiency of its operators. Our service technicians work closely with your specialists to identify and eliminate any weaknesses in an automated logistics system at an early stage.

With us, you are prepared: Short delivery times, use of quality components and immediate replacement of parts are our standards. Predictability and maximum system availability are also the result of good information. To keep your warehouse running, we keep you up to date with the latest status reports. Consistent plant support and good spare parts management contribute significantly to higher plant availability, product quality, process quality and energy efficiency. So you can rely on your warehouse logistics. And on us, anyway.

Top advantages of our spare parts service

Problem radar through inspection: We inspect at intervals based on customer and plant size. You learn about any opportunities for improvement early on.

Maintenance by prevention: As part of our service contracts, we inspect and replace components in time to avoid the risk of failure.

Practical service: Sit back and relax! Customers send us defective parts and we take care of the entire process.

Holistic view: We inspect all electrical and mechanical parts together. And we keep our Warehouse Execution System up to date.

Flexible maintenance scheduling: Schedule inspections and parts replacements - our teams respond to customer schedules and supply chains.

Further advantages for your spare parts planning

We monitor the spare parts market, utilize our extensive supplier network, and replace components in our own and third-party equipment.

By supplying directly to the customer through our reliable suppliers, we ensure particularly short delivery times and reliable planning.

Thanks to our own control system construction, including PLC programming, we can replace components in control systems quickly and reliably. With Westfalia Terra Automation in Bremen, we have the expertise to build and program programmable logic controllers in-house.

If required, we can update your existing Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System or upgrade your warehouse management and material flow control software to a Savanna.NET® WES. This is characterized by its high scope, combining warehouse management and material flow control. And eliminates the need for expensive and service-intensive stand-alone solutions.

Top service for lower costs

Lower repair and follow-up costs: Service contracts reduce repair and parts costs and eliminate downtime-related follow-up costs

Cost-effective packages: Spare parts packages instead of expensive individual components, plus warranty on replaced components according to our terms and conditions.

Reduced downtime: Reduced downtime through experienced service technicians and optimized resource planning. Urgent repair and loaner equipment if needed.

Low documentation costs: Operational reliability is often maintained without "significant change". This avoids documentation costs.

Component replacement

Jamal Al Hruck

Jamal Al Hruck is part of a dynamic team in the Service Department at Westfalia. The team continually improves on and expands their customer collaboration and outstanding service quality. Perfectly operating storage systems, satisfied customers, and the long-term customer partnerships are therefore the standard with which both he and the entire Westfalia Service Department process their orders each and every day.

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