Ammerland is the name of a region in the north-western part of German, in Lower Saxony, near the city of Oldenburg. This is where the Ammerland eG dairy of Wiefelstede-Dringenberg has been producing high-quality dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter ever since 1885. The company supplies its goods to customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Growing production

In 2014, Westfalia built an automatic high-bay warehouse for the Ammerland dairy, to serve as a maturing warehouse. However, the dairy’s strong expansion policy and continuously growing production volume soon made more storage capacity necessary, so the 2014 design included an option for doubling the storage capacity for the next stage of expansion.

2019: Double storage capacity achieved

The result is a 4-aisle double-deep warehouse with a height of nearly 100 feet or 30 metres. Four storage and retrieval machines with double-deep telescopic forks fill the 21,696 rack positions with storage material on H1, Euro and industry pallets and crates. In addition, a total of four single-column vertical conveyors connect the different warehouse levels. The items produced come from existing buildings and are transported to the warehouse system across a conveyor bridge with continuous conveyors. In 2019, the entire storage logistics were extended by a 5-aisle telescope fork warehouse providing more than 24,300 pallet rack positions.

The resulting complex, intra-logistic processes for the two warehouses are controlled by the warehouse management and materials flow software Savanna.NET®.


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