Drinking is a vital part of our lives. A cool refreshment when temperatures are high, or a hot drink on a cold winter day, is an intensive taste experience with that feel-good factor. We mainly have the beverage industry to thank for that.

First-class processing of raw materials straight from nature is what makes drinks so delicious and so unique. Our custom-made automation solutions give you the support you need so that you can concentrate fully on your product.

Ever since it was founded, Westfalia has been a byword for the development, planning and construction of automatic high-bay warehouses, conveyor technology, and associated Warehouse Execution Software. We understand the special needs of the beverage industry, which is why renowned industry leaders have been putting their faith in us for many years. When constructing their logistics equipment, they benefit from our experience, which we have proved in numerous projects implemented all over the world. We would like to show you some of these projects.


Non-alcoholic beverages

Seasonal peaks are a typical part of the beverage industry. An automated warehouse system has to take this into account.


The beverage industry is characterised by tough competition. The result is a wide range of different products, and this diversity makes reliable logistics all the more necessary.

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