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Preserving the aroma and taste of foodstuffs requires packaging that is optimally designed for its specific contents. Plastic film packaging is commonplace, and yet often inconspicuous to consumers. In Sulzberg, in the Oberallgäu region of Bavaria, this medium-sized family business produces high-quality and flexible multi-layer, barrier and compound films made of polyamide and polyethylene. In 2018, we helped the plastic film specialist construct an automatic warehousing system for storing finished and semi-finished goods.

Modern warehouse system for faster access times

This meant that the previously used block storage of unstackable goods could be dispensed with, allowing optimum utilisation of floor space. Interim storage of finished and semi-finished goods reduces the need for warehouse space by 80 percent. The 1 aisle Satellite® storage system with an aisle width of 4,500 mm plays its part in the solution. A storage and retrieval machine controlled by a project-specific Satellite® serves a total of 2,648 rack positions for daughter rolls (finished products) and 828 mother rolls (semi-finished products).

Huge weights of up to 3,000 kg and lengths of up to 4,200 mm need to be moved. Another special feature of the new warehouse: The steel racking construction and SRM also enable finished and semi-finished goods to be stored together.

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