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Kölsch is a pale, top-fermented, filtered, regular beer with a strong note of hops – as set out in the “Kölsch Konvention” published in 1986 – that has been brewed by Heinrich Reissdorf, a private brewery in Cologne, since the end of the 19th century. The brewery has been growing ever since. The logistics backbone of expansion includes an automatic Satellite® storage system in silo design that Westfalia built on the existing company site in 2003. This houses palleted brewed goods and empty pallets in channels up to eight-deep.

Increasing capacity, reliability and availability

The high-bay warehouse comprises 3,445 rack positions for Euro pallets and is 39 metres long, 18 metres wide and 27 metres high. The additional central satellite rail for triple support ensures safe storage and high availability of goods. With the help of smart collision prevention, two storage and retrieval machines, each with a long Satellite® for load handling, travel along one shared rail. Savanna.NET® is used as warehouse and management software.

The unit loads on the readying belts within the storage system are disposed of by two transfer cars which distribute the unit loads to loading positions where they are put on the incoming tracks by means of forklifts.

In 2008, the storage system was extended by more than a third to over 5,000 rack positions. This was achieved in less than two months and during ongoing operations. This means that peaks in demand caused by soccer events or the Cologne carnival can be served even more efficiently.

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