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Corrugated cardboard can be formed into many sizes and shapes. And it is completely recyclable. A success story that challenges. Because the market wants new formats at short notice. Even in small quantities. Manual warehouses grow rapidly in expensive space. Forklifts travel long distances. Rolls of paper and corrugated cardboard dance an alternating setup ballet. This costs time and money. Automate? Yes, but as gently as possible: After all, warm, moist cut-to-size goods are extremely sensitive.

We keep pace with high-performance corrugating cardboard systems: In close cooperation with our customers in the corrugated cardboard and packaging industry, we have been developing, building, maintaining, and modernizing outstanding automated high-bay warehouses and conveyor systems since 1971. They store gently. Pack high production volumes and loads. Can handle many different and bulky formats. On pallets or completely palletless.

Top advantages of automated storage systems

Space-saving, automated intermediate storage right at the corrugator

Powerful warehouse software combines warehouse management and material flow control

Flexible storage capacity planning and full traceability

Scheduled, automated retrieval and loading

Highest system security and reliability

Warehouse logistics for corrugated cardboard production

As a general contractor, we consult, design, and build turnkey storage and logistics systems as stand-alone logistics systems or integrated into existing facilities. We modernize and maintain existing in-house and third-party systems. At our headquarters in Borgholzhausen, Germany, we design and manufacture key components of our storage and materials handling technology, including the control system, and implement them with our own software and the necessary IT infrastructure.

Our means to move the corrugated cardboard production

Your challenge: Forklifts with roll grippers set down massive rolls of paper on an open floor, requiring travel and space. As production grows, so does the stock of raw materials. Forklifts often move only one roll per trip. This multiplies the routes required for storage, retrieval, and delivery to the corrugator.

Our solution: Paper and corrugated cardboard can be stored perfectly sorted and as densely as possible on several levels in multi-deep rack channels. They are accessed by a single storage and retrieval machine. If required, rolls can be stored without pallets in special storage profiles. Fewer AS/RS aisles and AS/RS reduce construction and operating costs and space requirements, while providing enormous capacity as a buffer against fluctuating paper prices or supply shortages. Software manages and controls the warehouse, providing just-in-time raw materials for corrugated cardboard production.

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Your challenge: The production of corrugated cardboard in various thicknesses and qualities is a highly complex process. Cut-to-size products, which are particularly sensitive during the production process, are temporarily stored along the production line in manual bulk storage or on buffer sections - with high space requirements and long material paths.

Our solution: Semi-finished products reflect the variety of finished corrugated cardboard products. Ideally, this variety of formats is stored palletless, single-deep or multi-deep, to be quickly and appropriately available for production via SRM and conveyor technology. Automation reduces errors and the risk of accidents, and storage space is never wasted, but always replenished. Additional capacity is created in a small space. This buffer reduces costly setup times by delaying production in the warehouse. It helps consolidate small lot sizes.

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Your challenge: As the variety of products increases, so does the need for different corrugated cardboard formats. Capacity requirements and complexity of finished goods storage are increasing. Manual warehouses are reaching their limits. More people and forklifts are needed to deliver on time. This increases the risk of accidents and errors, which can lead to congestion and delays.

Our solution: The high-bay warehouse supported by Satellite® and telescopic forks is the most compact, sustainable and energy-efficient way to store enormous quantities. Either in existing buildings or in a self-supporting silo construction without an additional hall. And on highly parcelled land. Automated storage systems can be flexibly adapted to any quantity of goods and can be seamlessly connected to conveyor technology and shipping zones. They consolidate logistics at central locations, with automated truck loading and unloading systems if desired.

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Storage - Flexible and powerful like your corrugator

Automated storage and logistics systems help make your business fit for the future. They solve complex logistics to quickly meet the growing demand for different and new corrugated cardboard packaging. In the process, they reduce production costs and labor requirements. High-capacity warehouses serve increasingly powerful corrugators. They prevent bottlenecks between production and storage. And they help deliver top-quality products and fluctuating volumes to customers on time.

Sustainability comes from resource-efficient and error-free processes. Our warehouses for paper, cut-to-size and finished corrugated cardboard products integrate perfectly with existing systems and software. They protect your goods and pallets and have an above-average system life. This allows your company to grow economically and efficiently, just like our customer Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG (LINK). We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to advise you. Our sustainability goals (LINK)

Our solutions and products
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