It is not enough to simply look at partial processes within a logistics system. The processes are joined together to form the overall logistics chain – and it is these joins that provide potential for improvement. There are great options for optimizing procedures at the point where vehicles are loaded and unloaded. Slow, complicated goods handling puts a truck’s time-critical route schedule at risk. Inadequately secured loads are a hazard on the road and impair the quality of the goods that are transported.

In our work, we concentrate on generating advanced technologies that simplify and accelerate loading – and at the same time improve safety. Our engineers develop innovative aids to fetching goods from storage and taking them to their destination efficiently. The focus is on seamlessly integrating truck transportation and on optimum utilization of load capacities.


Conveyor belt system

We provide stationary belt loading and unloading systems and equip trailers with a conveyor belt system to ensure a seamless and perfectly scheduled transition between warehouse and truck.

Slat conveyor system

Our slat conveyors used in loading and unloading systems and on trailers help to efficiently automate shuttle traffic between different sites.

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