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Supply chains are becoming ever more complex. Retail is characterized by a growing variety of articles and demanding consumers who count on fast delivery and high-quality, fresh goods.
Also, production and order picking are frequently challenged as a result of small order quantities. The route the goods take, from the raw materials supplier to the end customer, has to adapt to fast-changing markets, variable conditions and fluctuations in consumption.

Storage Means Stocking up to Maintain your Lead

Special warehouse and automation strategies open up dynamic capacities. Shorter routes and clearly defined processes save time, relieve the burden on staff, and enhance efficiency. Bundled and automated warehouse logistics maximize safety, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability along the entire value chain. Intelligent intermediate storage minimizes expensive set-up times and avoids down-time.

Strengthening and optimizing goods production and raw materials processing all the way to distribution relies on tight interaction and intelligent control of warehouse, buffer zones, order picking zones, loading and unloading zones. Investing in the logistic potential of storage, conveyor and order picking systems for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products is therefore key to business success.

Powerful Supply Chain Automation

Westfalia’s technologies combine the best of mechanics and electrical engineering, controlled by an outstanding Warehouse Execution System. We design and implement automated storage and logistics systems based on individual business requirements: from single-bay storage for fast access through double deep storage to compact storage providing high capacity in little space. And from warehousing zones through buffer zones and intermediate storage for production lines to picking and shipping zones.

Our systems are made for complex intralogistics and all temperature requirements. The systems are customized for different load carriers or for palletless storage of cartons, layers and rolls. Our IT and control skills allow the entire supply chain to be automated with a view to the overall structure and future demand. This allows you to bundle, accelerate, and fine-tune your production and distribution.

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